Category: Recycling

  • End of the road for bottles

    When clearing some litter from a local lay-by I came across a bag of rubbish containing various bottles and jars from Germany. The beer and coke bottles are interesting in that the shoulder and base of each bottle have rings of wear, presumably from rubbing against each other when being spun around by automated sorting […]

  • Sustainable Plant Plastics

    Replacing food packaging made from fossil oil James Elliott, a professor of Macromolecular Materials Science, gave an interesting overview of a project to create sustainable plastic packaging from plants. The talk was held at the Maxwell Centre at the University of Cambridge. We got to see an overview of the science behind the new material […]

  • The Big Plastic Count

    Organised by Everyday Plastic and Greenpeace to get some accurate data on just how much plastic we throw away. I’ve saved and counted our plastic waste for the week 16-22 May 2022. Campaign web site: The Big Plastic Count Results Food and Drink 0 Small bottles 1 Large bottles 1 Hard plastic caps and lids […]